Kingsbarns Single Cask (Cask no.1610871) 3 yo ’16-’19 61.8% ABV

kingsbarns single cask

This whisky was filled into ex-Bourbon cask #1610871 on 8th September 2016 before being bottled in 2019. One of 248 bottles.

Appearance: Light honey gold, like white wine. A thin coating forms on the glass with sporadic thin to medium legs. The hairline tide mark slowly morphs into a pretty string of many tear drops.

Nose: Citrus (mostly lime) and honey burst from the glass with an impressive force given the age statement. Orchard fruits and toffee apple follow, along with subtle wood notes, black pepper and cinnamon. The whisky carries the ABV well. It’s definitely there and in quite a heady amount, but not overbearing in any way. All aromas are nicely balanced too.

Palate: More viscous than I would have imagined, nice and oily. Quite a hit of the ethanol, along with tingly sweet spices, red apple skin, vanilla, honey in spades and lemonade. There’s an almost hair spray acidity though, that catches on the throat that I find unpleasant, maybe it’s bitter lemon? Adding a drop of water opens up the sweeter notes and supresses that bitter lemon twang.

Finish: Long and full of lemon pepper spice, cinnamon and some icing sugar sweetness. Nice warming of the chest too.

Overall: 90% of the elements that make up this whisky are very nice and pretty impressive for a 3 yo. There’s just 10% that I don’t like at all. Adding water seems to alleviate the problem, so it’s not all bad heheh

Thanks to @Whiskytip for sending this sample!

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