Knockdhu 10yo 52.7% ABV (A.D.Rattray).

knockdhu 10yo 52.7% abv A.d.rattray

This Knockdhu 10 Year Old single malt was distilled in April 2009, and then left to rest in a single bourbon hogshead for the following decade. Finally, it was bottled in September 2019  with a release of 345 bottles at cask strength, a hearty 52.7% ABV.


Very very light in colour here, white wine to say the least in colour. Nice thick swirl line that slowly beads up producing nice thick legs on my Glencairn. #thewhiskeychaps


Elegant, floral fragrant and sweet are my initial thoughts. Cereals, white fruits, greengages. The ABV does toggle my nose slightly, but it’s not coming across the ABV it actually is. Perhaps an oiliness is here too, with some foresty feel. #thewhiskeychaps

The nose is slowly gaining strength, more foresty for me now, with botanicals, Victoria plums too. #thewhiskeychaps

knockdhu distillery


Very nice mouthfeel, quite oily, and the palate is bolder than the nose, this is quite spicy, Ex bourbon cask spices. Guava, lemoncello, dried apricot slices, I’m going to add a slight nuttiness too. The foresty feel from the nose is also here. #thewhiskeychaps

Cinnamon gob stoppers and plenty of vanilla, yes to green grapes and greengages, gooseberry jam, and red berries hanging in the background. #thewhiskeychap


Staying spicy, and long side of medium in length. Orchard fruits all day long, red berries lasting, I have to say it’s a lovely sweet fruity dram for me, the sweetness could also be confectionery, starburst sweets. #thewhiskeychaps


My thoughts

Knockdhu is a distillery that really intrigues me. I have enjoyed everything iv’e tried that came from them. Iv’e gone out of my way to try indie bottled varieties of the whiskies, to try higher strength ABV’s from them. These too are generally very good in my humble opinion, and it is great try them from the cask as such.

This particular bottling was good, i certainly enjoyed it, and it’s the first to show me new flavours i haven’t had previously in their whiskies. This one is nice and fruity, exactly what i’d hoped it would be, with extra ooomph. Yes, a cracking dram, and i’d very much enjoy a bottle, it’s definitely a good bottle for ex Bourbon cask lovers like myself. If you’ve not tried an indie Knockdhu yet, grab yourself a sample from somewhere, you may find a new favourite dram.

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