Knockdhu 10yo 54.1% ABV (A.D.Rattray).

knockdhu 10yo 54.1% abv A.d.rattray

This bottle is from the A. D. Rattray Warehouse Collection. It is Ex Bourbon cask matured, and bottled at natural cask strength, natural colour, and is non chill filtered.


More of a damp straw in colour this time, with a nice thick swirl line and thick legs on my Glencairn. #thewhiskeychaps


This one is definitely more foresty, tree bark, and damp leaf litter accompanied by soft fruits. I’d say linseed oil and light Virginia tobacco leaf too. I’m also getting some botanicals. #thewhiskeychaps

I’m definitely smelling more wood interaction here, it’s not as sweet as the first 10yo. It’s coming across dusty too, like old wood in a carpenters van that’s recently been cut up. #thewhiskeychaps

knockdhu distillery


Not as thick a mouthfeel as the first dram, and I’d say this one is even spicier on the palate. Plenty of vanilla and cinnamon, cumin, star anise, red and black liquorice, cigar leaves, and a molasses kind of thing with golden syrup. #thewhiskeychaps

White pepper, and the green fruits are slowly coming through like the first 10yo, it’s almost like a Tokaji cask feel tbh. #thewhiskeychaps


Becoming sweeter all the time for me, though the spices stay the distance. #thewhiskeychaps


My thoughts

This was a part of a 4 dram indie Knockdhu tasting we did, and i really enjoyed this dram. it was different to the first 10 year old we tasted. I enjoyed smelling and tasting the differences between them, it certainly broadened my knowledge of what Knockdhu whiskey can offer, its breadth of aromas and flavours.

Yes it is a bottle i’d happily enjoy, not overly complex but still rather good, i’d find plenty to enjoy with each pour.

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