Knockdhu 2012 7yo for Artisan Restaurant (AD Rattray) 58.2% ABV

Knockdhu 2012 7yo for Artisan Restaurant

Appearance: Another extremely light Knockdhu. A shade off of totally clear/highly diluted lemon cordial. Long thick trails quickly form, together with some teardrops and beading around the swirl mark. This one looks ‘oozy’ and inviting.

Nose: Green grapes, fir trees, confectionary sugar and chocolate orange. More confectionary in its sweetness than other Knockdhu’s I’ve tried. There’s a nice balance and feel of ‘equilibrium’ with this dram.
The ABV is more evident with this dram than with other indy bottlings.
Orchard fruits, especially green apples appear after a time but are coated in sugar, to remove the sharpness. TOFFEE APPLE!

Palate: A decent mouthfeel, nothing super oily, but not thin. Spice-forward with lemon, vegetal notes and that chocolate element still. That balance from the nose continues on the palate. There’s a swirl of mellow notes, spice and some subtle citrus/sherbert flavours.
There’s an underlying ‘arable’ note with Knockdhu, and I love it. This dram is no exception.

Finish: Chocolate, orange, black pepper, cinnamon and a touch of berry. Medium to long.

Overall: I really enjoyed this one. It kept me on my toes and never developed as expected. This is one that you could sit with, explore, and realise after a few hours that you’ve nailed half a bottle!

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