Lagavilin 8yr old, 48% ABV.

Lagavulin 8

Appearance – This Islay whisky is light straw in colour, it’s quite viscous on the glass and drops thin syrupy slow legs.

Nose – We’re straight into medicinal peat notes here with a super ABV. There’s a strong Germoline component to it, some sweet peat mixed with apricots, lemons and nectarines, then bbq meats, ash and smokey bacon crisps.

Palate – The first flavour I get on the palate is salt, swiftly followed by sweet peat like the nose. Citrus fruits, lemon and pineapple put their hands up to be counted, and then we’re off into bbq and bonfire on a beach territory. I find it gets more spicy with time, ginger, cinnamon, chilli’s, black peppercorns and citrus fruits ramp it up, and then another wave of salinity arrives.

Finish – The finish is short to medium in length for me, and it’s more like a dubbed down palate, there isn’t much here sadly, the palate is definitely the peak of this whisky, which I feel is a shame, i had hoped for a better finish.

My thoughts – Lagavulin are known to create powerful whiskies, and are much sought after, I have tried a few myself, and on the nose and palate this bottling does deliver the expected Lagavulin experience, but the finish just isn’t on the same level, it’s as if the palate is the finish also, and it gently peters out from that point on. For me it’s a whisky to enjoy that doesn’t need to be analysed, as it may be found wanting.

Would i buy a bottle? – I can only really say that I’d pay a few pounds more and buy the Lagavulin 16, the 8 isn’t a bad whisky at all, but the 16 offers more depth that I’d pay the extra to enjoy.

Pic credit – Master of Malt.

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