Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition Guinness Cask Finish 46% ABV

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Lagavulin Offerman Edition first debuted in October 2019. This expression is the second Offerman release produced by Lagavulin. Matured for just over 10 years in American white oak casks before being transferred to Guinness casks for four months. Bottled at 46% abv. this limited edition has been created in partnership with Parks & Recreation star, Nick Offerman.

Appearance: Quite light, like a sunset haze. Good thick legs.

Nose: A lovely sweet BBQ smoke, but more creamy if that’s possible. Mellowed.
Smokey chargrilled chicken wings. Every now and again, there’s a slight ethanol hit, which is a good thing.
There’s definitely a coastal dimension to it too. Reminds me of a seaweed laden rockpool on a summers evening.
A bit of a funk finds its way into the nose, as the glass matures, adding yet another element to it.
It’s a lovely nose.

Palate: Lovely sweet smokey delivery, plenty of BBQ meats and that chargrilled edge too.
There’s a sour note at the back of the mouth, BBQ’d grapefruit.
The second sip reveals tropical fruits and some heat. Black pepper covered pineapple, grapefruit and blood orange.
The third sip is a new story again. A softer smoked cream but with a mild chilli kicker!
Slightly drying and a good warmth on the chest.

Finish: A mixture of sweet, sour, smoke and meatiness.
It sounds muddled, but it balances and works well. It’s a lovely journey of a dram and a unique one at that.

Overall: A very nice Lagavulin expression indeed. Love the fact that these guys are using unique casks for finishing, makes an already great whisky even more interesting and enjoyable.
The whole experience of this dram is like drinking it through a creamy Guinness head, softening and creaming the aromas and flavours. It’s very clever.

Very very nice.

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