Lagavulin 11yo  Offerman edition #3 46% ABV

lagavulin offerman #3

Ex-Sherry cask – along with those that had previously matured other Lagavulins – were shaved and heavily re-charred to impart a denser feel of the classic Lagavulin smokiness, with notes of dark chocolate and dark red berries. It’s full on but immensely complex, with a finish that lingers for a good few minutes, that chocolate note continuing throughout.

The Spirits Specialist


This dram is deeper than mid gold in colour, it leaves a syrupy thick swirl line on my glencairn, that celebrates an all over film followed by several very thick legs.


The nose initially is very red berry sweet, with lots of embers and ashes. Definitely eating a strawberry pastry close to a dying barbecue fire. Slowly menthol and botanicals start to push through, followed by an old style bubble gum sweetness, which I personally really like. 

With more time I’m still getting lots of red fruits, with red apple skin. Now, a perfumed aroma appears, bringing a floral feel, and as the ash/embers die off a little I’m getting cola cubes with dandelion and burdock. 

lagavulin distillery


The mouthfeel is ok, medium thick at the moment, and it takes a couple of seconds before the palate starts to spice up. The red fruits from the nose are here, but surprisingly much reduced, more cranberries now, with black pepper. The peat is like the nose, ashy/embers, and as I’m writing this the whole palate is becoming spicier.

Hot black liquorice, and pontifract cakes really come on strong. Flat cola and dandelion and burdock from the nose are prominent, and we’re moving towards black coffee, espresso, and running alongside all of this is a sweetness that won’t be tempered, it’s quite light, but it won’t give in, something like the powder in a dib dab tube. 


The finish is long side of medium in length, and it continues to be spicy with the fire ashes, and that sweetness, now like a coffee syrup continues until it all fades.

My thoughts

For some reason i don’t get to taste that many Lagavulin whiskies, i don’t know why in all honesty. This was very kindly sent to me by my @thewhiskeychaps partner, and i was very pleased he sent it. I found lots to enjoy about this dram to be honest, i really enjoyed the palate. My worry that it had a name connected to it, and could be worrying were totally unfounded, it’s lovely stuff.

A big thank you goes out to @whiskeychap for this whisky sample.

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