Lagg distillery New make spirit, 63.5% ABV

Lagg distillery New make spirit, 63.5% ABV

Barley – Laureate @55ppm. Yeast – Distillers yeast M.

Nose – Bonfire ash, BBQ sauce, Slightly medicinal, like Germoline but sweeter, Icing sugar, Cherry lozenges and Lemon.

Palate – Peatier, ashier, and more Medicinal than the nose, a slight sweetness, sweet Liquorice.

My thoughts – I really enjoyed this, and it’ll be a great addition to the Isle of Arran distillers.

Finish – Very, very long, it lasts ages, the medicinal notes continue, A little icing sugar sweetness, and BBQ sauce.

Thanks to – @arranwhiskymari (Tw), Global brand ambassador for the Isle of Arran distillers for joining us on this tasting, and sharing info and pics of the distillery, much appreciated.

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