Lagg distillery Reserve #3 50% ABV.

Twice distilled as Batch 1 and 2, the spirit for this release was matured in first fill, ex-bourbon casks for 30 months and then finished for 6 months prior to release in 55L ex-Rioja red wine Firkin casks made especially for the distillery.

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This whisky is mid gold in colour, with perhaps a hint of an orange hue. It leaves a thick swirl line on my stemmed tulip glass, and coats it nicely before forming medium thick legs.


Oh yes, plenty of peat here, but it’s not a face slapper. In fact it’s very nicely mixed with tropical fruits, cooked steak, with a botanical feel, and some Dijon mustard. These are followed initially by mineral water and pink water biscuits, semi dried leaf litter and dunnage.

More time definitely brings out some medicinal notes. The usual “sticky plasters and germoline”, bbq sauce, ribs, and a faint menthol freshness hiding right at the back. 


The mouthfeel is quite nice, quite oily, and the peat is quite prominent here. At the moment the palate is a copy of the nose, with white pepper and cinnamon.

Waiting longer really brings the fruits out for me, tropical and stoned fruits, and it’s still quite spicy. Personally I find the combination of flavours really nice, it’s a warming dram, and you don’t need to wait for it to release its flavours. 


The finish is quite long. Syrupy, Smokey/peaty, with an almost stout kind of dark heavy flavours, leading into black coffee, cloves, blackcurrant jam, and spicy dandelion and burdock.

My thoughts

Yes please, i’ll have another, oh and another. I really enjoyed this dram, really did. Plenty of peat, lots of peat, and lovely fruits mixing in with it. I don’t think i need to say much more to be honest, i’ll very happily take a couple of bottles please 🥰

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