Lakes The One Moscatel Wine Cask 46.6% ABV

Lakes Moscatel

Moscatel Cask Finished is the latest addition to the ‘The One’ whisky collection. Each release finished in the finest oak casks, demonstrating the influence oak & cask seasoning has on whisky

‘The One’ Moscatel blended whisky was finished in hand-picked Moscatel wine casks from southern Spain. Moscatel wine is made from grapes grown in the town of Chipiona in the Cádiz province of Andalucía.

The grapes are sun-dried before being pressed, producing less water and changing the sugar levels, viscosity, flavour and aroma of the juice

The One Moscatel was blended by Dhavall Gandhi (@whiskymaker), The Lakes Distillery whisky maker, using Scotch grain and malt whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside and Islay

Bottled at 46.6% ABV, The One Moscatel is non-chill-filtered and made without caramel colouring. It will be available online from 25 February, priced at £48

Appearance: Honey gold, pure apple juice. Nicely oily, clings to glass well

Nose: Nice an light, plenty of confectionary sugar and quite floral too. There’s a herbal quality: freshly cut grass. Lemon zest sits at the back, humming away in support of the other aromas. Lightly smouldering shavings. The berries come through with time I think, gets more jammy!

There might be vanilla in there too, difficult to pick up given the overall sweetness, but I think it’s giving a bit of balance. I’m also getting oranges as the glass matures. It’s a very fresh nose.

Palate: Oooh, that’s a very nice first impression on the palate! Lovely and oily mouthfeel. Chocolate, sweet buttery flavours, like fresh cookie dough. I believe that the orange element from the nose is slightly more dominant on the palate. There’s oak in the mix too, nice balance. OK, now I’m getting the more spicy flavours. Black pepper indeed and mild chilli heat.

Finish: The finish is dark chocolate with mild chilli and a small sprinkle of black pepper

Overall: This is a very nicely blended and balanced whisky. It develops well in the glass, going from light, floral and fruity, through a chocolaty phase, to a more spicy and warming dram. For the price I’d definitely recommend it, it’s a real journey in a glass!

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