Ledaig 12yr Amarone cask finish 57.5%.

ledaig amarone cask finish
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This 12 year old Ledaig Distillery Exclusive release was finished in Amarone wine casks for one year, creating a sweet but smoky dram with sweet vanilla custard and honey notes balanced with sharp tannins and a distinct saline note intertwined with a peppery smoke.

Tobermory Distillery


Apricot gold in colour, it has a super syrupy swirl line, gives an all over glass coating, then slow thick legs, followed by slow medium size teardrops.


Straight away the peat is here, and coming along with it are a sweet note mixed with fragrant wood, a light perfume aroma, and a touch of menthol.

With more time there are red berries, cranberries and strawberries, strawberry cheesecake, a botanical feel comes across, and it feels very well married. Then…..a mixture of icing sugar and a foresty note, an autumnal forest walk with leaf damp leaf litter, and a distant outdoor fire, whilst enjoying a strawberry bon bon and lemonade, there’s a picture.


Red berries, and lots of them. Strawberries, raspberries, raspberry pavlova, and an icing sugar sweetness comes with it, all intertwined with gentle peat, cooked bacon, it’s rather full on flavour wise. This does remind me of an Islay whisky that’s very fruity and peaty.

The mouthfeel here is nice, not the thickest but thoroughly decent, and it’s starting to feel spicy. Cinnamon is starting to push forward now, cardamom too, there is a cereal/grain thing going on with a little herbaceousness.


Quite long in general, and it does linger for a good while as it slowly fades. Cigar leaves, dark chocolate coated ginger biscuits, cappuccino coffee, light wood notes, and lots more red fruits and distant fire smoke.

My thoughts

It’s a cracking dram, a real full on flavour bomb, with so much fruit and easily accessed peat smoke. Aromas and flavours leap out of the glass, its definitely not a closed up whisky, it openly wants the drinker to enjoy it, and i certainly did.

Notes – This whisky is presented in it’s natural colour, it’s non chill filtered, and natural cask strength.

Thanks to – @CEVokins for the generous sample.

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