Ledaig Rioja cask 46.3% ABV.

ledaig rioja cask
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The first release in our new Sinclair Series, this non aged statement Ledaig Rioja Finish is ruby red in colour and perfectly balances peat smoke with sweet, fruity Rioja.  Like all our single malts, this is non-chill filtered and natural colour.

Tobermory Distillery


Amber with an orange hue in colour, with a lovely syrupy thick swirl line and thick legs.


This dram is very fruity, guava and pomelo, and it’s coming across as quite spicy at the moment. More time in the glass brings red berries and red apple skin, and a very definite bbq bacon aroma.

I’m now getting foresty/menthol aromas and cherry Bakewell cakes, cereal becoming stronger, along with strawberry laces sweets.


Lovely and gently warming with peanut shells, strawberries like the nose, and perhaps some darker fruits now, black pepper, cloves, figs and dates.

The mouthfeel is really nice, and the spiciness certainly hangs around, quite chest warming tbh, with an edge of black liquorice and slightly sweetened black coffee.

That spiciness just doesn’t dissipate, it goes on and on, and eventually it develops into ginger root, and a very balanced wood feel.


Quite long in length, and a real fruit/peat/spicy combo, and I know this isn’t an overly expensive bottling, it has so much flavour for the money.

My thoughts

I love this bottling, it makes me smile so much. The aroma/flavour to cost ratio is so high, and i know i’ll enjoy it every time i come back to it, a super drop in my humble opinion,m that i’d very happily have a bottle of.

Thanks to @newdramdrinker and @Mrs_NDD for the sample.

Image – The Whisky Exchange.

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