Lindores New Make 63.5% ABV

lindores-abbey-new make

Lindores New Make Spirit is from Lindores Abbey Distillery and is a reiteration of the first release from 2018 which sold out almost immediately.

Appearance: A hairline beaded swirl mark and viscous film clings to the glass. Teardrops form after a time

Nose: That lovely mixture of malt and berry freshness hits the senses first. It carries the high ABV well, there is a definite ‘hum’ but it’s not overwhelming or harsh. There’s a vegetal layer to the nose too: cut grass and hay maybe?
A sweet toffee aroma appears. The fruity sweetness becomes a more stewed orchard element after a while. A touch of mineral too, like hot flint. Very nice.

Palate: A lovely viscous mouthfeel and then the peppery punch from that 60%+ABV! The berry freshness balances the pepper element to a point, adding some balance.
Strawberry creme sweets (Campinos) now. There’s a slight drying towards the finish, at the back of the mouth. The vegetal note continues from the nose to the palate too.

Finish: Medium in length. The pepper tingle, mixed with the vegetal element and stewed orchard fruits.

Overall: A lovely new make and a great base for a whisky! Full of those orchard fruits and spices.

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