Lindores Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46% ABV


Officially recognised as the site of the first recorded distillation of Scotch Whisky in 1494, which appears in the Exchequer Roll of the same year, Lindores is once again producing a commercially available Single Malt Scotch Whisky, aged in ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and STR ex-Burgundy red wine casks.

Appearance: Apple juice gold. Good oily coating.

Nose: Quite subdued. Touch of spice, some icing sugar, no ethanol to speak of. Some vanilla and white chocolate. A bit of funk too.
Getting some sherry sweetness as the glass matures. Lemon Sherberts now. It’s quite a feint nose for me.
I’d expect it to have a richer/deeper nose from the casks.

Palate: ABV is there on the palate. It’s a fairly decent mouthfeel, not luxuriously oily but not thin either.
Quite spicy on arrival, warms the chest immediately.
Honey, vanilla still, cinnamon, a touch of black pepper and some icing sugar.
A tad drying on the jowls. Getting that pineapple, for me it’s chargrilled. There’s also some BBQ sauce in there I think.
It’s got a stone/pebble element to the taste. Can’t remember licking a pebble, but this reminds me of it. There’s a restaurant near us that serve steaks etc on really hot stones, it’s that smell of the stone itself I think.

Finish: The finish for me is the honey and icing sugar mostly, with a touch of Christmas spice, lemon pepper and coins (which was mentioned on the tweet tasting last night and was illuminating).

Overall: It’s a pleasant dram and has nice aromas and flavours. For me, it’s a little tame and ‘safe’ but I’ll definitely keep an eye on what they do from here. A CS would be interesting! I think the cask influence would be more evident too, it’s an awesome selection of casks so would love to see it shine through in full strength.
The price is a big deal. Seems everyone feels they can charge a fortune for their unproven first release these days. Refreshing when a distillery keeps it real and honest!

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