Linkwood 11yr old, 59% ABV.

linkwood 11yr old

The Sipping Shed exists for the love of whisky. The history, the places, the people, the process, the unforgettable taste… the story of whisky. We wanted to tell that story our way, with our whisky and so The Sipping Shed was born…

The Sipping Shed

Appearance – It’s light gold in colour, it’s very viscous and beads up on the glass and has lovely teardrop legs.

Nose – There’s some menthol here, sweet lemon, pineapple slices, red cherries, it’s so fruity. I’m also getting some cereal notes, sweet pastries, apricots too, and icing sugar, I do love this drop.

Palate – Man that’s a palate and a half, the abv works really well and we have strawberries, cherries, raspberries, apricots, nectarines, hard boiled fruit sweets. This develops into a more citrus fruitiness, grapefruits, pomelo, orange rind, there’s some white pepper too, and some oak coming through also.

Finish – Long, very fruity, wood and white pepper spices, it’s quite gentle tbh, and a darker fruit note also comes through just before it starts to fade, so nice.

My thoughts – I tried this Linkwood in a Tweet tasting and fell in love with it, it’s so confectionary like, and i love that flavour profile, it is a favourite to be honest.

Would i buy a bottle? – For me, who really likes this flavour profile, its a definite yes.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered, and at cask strength.

Many thanks to – Dan Hipshon, founder of The Sipping Shed.

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