Linkwood 12yo 58% ABV (Fragrant Drops).

linkwood 12yo (fragrant drops).

This Linkwood 12yo is a Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky distilled at the Linkwood distillery. It’s original Cask, a 1st-Fill Tokaji Barrel, #3001290 was filled on the 3rd of February 2010, and was finally bottled on the 6th of October 2022. The ABV is 58.0%, and 260 bottles were produced, and comes in at around £110.


We have quite a deep gold dram here, heading towards chestnut. The medium thick swirl line beads up immediately, and drops medium thick legs, as well as teardrops that hang just below it. #thewhiskeychaps


Now, this is different, it’s like a steamed pudding with a cocktail of fruit syrups on top. I’m getting a hint of lime, red berries again, golden syrup, and a Madeira type cake sponge too. Perhaps a touch of pineapple and pear also. #thewhiskeychaps

This one is testing me, the nose is wonderful, and it’s different. I personally really enjoy Tokaji finished drams, but I always find something different each time I try one. #thewhiskeychaps


Again decent mouthfeel, and it’s spicy, but I’d say it’s more citrus fruits than the nose. I’ve had lime before from this cask type, slightly unripe plums, grapefruit zest, guava, lovely pomelos too, I love pomelos. #thewhiskeychaps

It’s a lovely warming dram, lychees are definitely here, there is drying here, but I personally don’t find it teeth flockingly so. #thewhiskeychaps


Quite long and still citrus zesty and spicy, it’s a big whisky tbh, my fav so far it think, so much going on. I’d heard it was quite a dram. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

Linkwood, i have had great experiences with them in general. Some are fruitier, some are more cereal and grain rich, i found this one very fruity. I have also only had good experiences with Tokaji cask matured whiskies, i have tried a few now, but i’m still getting to grips with their personalities so to speak.

It seems the Linkwood spirit liked this 1st fill Tokaji cask very much. The Linkwood fruitiness works very well with the Tokaji characteristics, it does add quite a lot to the spirit. The whole thing developed very nicely maturation wise, and i think it was bottled at the perfect time, before the cask took over completely.

It was certainly something different, it comes in at £110, which i presume is partly because it is full matured in that Tokaji cask,and if you enjoy Tokaji cask matured whisky, the chances are you’ll enjoy this one too. it’s another thumbs up from me, and another i’d happily have in my whisky cupboard.

A big thank you goes out to Rachel Dixon from Fragrant drops, for joining us on the tasting this whisky was a part of, and for the use of her tweets in this review. Fragrant Drops website can be found here.

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