DS Tayman Linkwood Cask Strength Bordeaux Edition 54.1% ABV


Distilled October 2008 / Bottled July 2021 / Cask #1805478 / Matured in a hogshead and then finished in a Bordeaux barrique.


Appearance: Rose wine (40-45). A beaded swirl mark quickly forms. Many teardrops slowly form and continue into medium trails forming a viscous corrugated film around the inside of the glass. Some droplets form after a time too.

Nose: The higher ABV is carried well where the nose is concerned. A definite fruit element (strawberry, cranberry and blackberry) along with warming sweet spices such as cinnamon, all-spice and nutmeg. It’s a Christmas dram this one. Some leaf litter/damp forest floor funk swirls around. As the dram matures, it becomes more and more spice-forward. The ABv is also an ever-increasing element, making the dram quite ‘heady’.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. The palate is lovely and sweet initially, with a black pepper kicker. There’s also vanilla, honey, red berry jam and a gentle mild-chilli tingle. A slightly oaky cloying but nothing offputting. There’s a good balance of the sweet and spice notes, the abv is carried well on the palate, I would guess 46-48% if drinking blind.

Finish: Medium to long. The pepper-dusted strawberry jam, honey and vanilla last a decent amount of time. An oak element and slight bitterness fade fairly quickly, which is good.

Overall: A lovely dram. Jammy sweet, a nice balance from the pepper and subtle chilli and that faint oak note. I’d probably purchase a bottle of this one.

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