Little Brown Dog Benrinnes 2012 55.4% ABV


This single cask Benrinnes was filled on 09/01/2012 into a refill (but seemingly still pretty active) Oloroso hogshead. We bottled it on 24/02/2023. The label represents the iconic red chimney, so prominent in the Speyside landscape. 

Appearance: Old gold/apple juice. A thinly beaded swirl mark quickly forms with many medium to thick trails seeping through a lovely viscous film.

Nose: A decent hit of ethanol. Orchard fruits (especially red apples), caramel, honey and vanilla greet the nose first. Dried fruits and backing from blackberries next, there’s also an increase of the more mellow caramel sweetness.
After a while, the nose starts to turn slightly more confectionary sweet: Sherbet Dip and candy cigarettes.

Palate: A lovely oily mouthfeel and heaps of mellow caramel sweetness. Chocolate follows quickly with the welcome chest warming expected from such an ABV. It’s a fantastic arrival! Some cherry, more blackberry and a touch of biscuit maltiness too.

Finish: Medium to long. Full of lovely blackberry, chocolate and caramel. A touch of spice in the form of black pepper and subtle Jaffa Cake.

Overall: Glorious! My favourite release from these guys since Wee Mongrel 20yo. It’s superb.

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