Little Brown Dog Linkwood 2008 Brandy Cask 54.5% ABV

little brown dog whisky

Finished for 6 months in their Petit Chien Brun French Brandy cask. Non-chill filtered, natural colour, cask strength 54.5% abv.

  • Non-chill filtered, natural colour, cask strength
  • 380 bottles from a single cask
  • Filled 10/06/08 – Disgorged 07/07/21
  • 50cl  54.5% abv

Appearance: Reduced white wine, straw. Really nice thick legs and oily film when swirled.

Nose: Orange & lemon. Buttery notes. There’s a funk, funk is good! Nice and fruity once the nose acclimatises. Getting that more tropical note now, the honeydew melon mentioned. There are also red berries now too.
Pears and barley, pear drops. Quite a confectionary nose now that the glass has matured. It’s actually quite reminiscent of a strawberry cheesecake. Lovely nose.

Palate: Lovely mouthfeel. Buttercream notes & feel. Slight mintiness. Peach also comes through when inhaling through the nose as you sip. Dessert wine sweetness at the back of the tongue. I really like a whisky that has that element to it. Goes to show the benefit finishing has and is great to use to explain to someone new to whisky.
Nice woody spice, lots of it, but with a sweet edge to it too, balancing nicely. Lemon pepper, bitter orange.

Finish: The finish is predominantly spicy but with that lovely injection of dessert wine sweetness.

Overall: For my palate, I’d prefer it very slightly less spicy, but I’m a fruity guy! Very pleasing though, very glad I grabbed a bottle for sure!

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