Loch Lomond Distillery Edition 4 ‘Supercharged Floral & Tropical Fruits’ 46% ABV

The fourth edition is a 7 year old single grain whisky which is made using 100% malted barley, fermented for 96 hours using a specially selected yeast, and is distilled in their continuous “Coffey” still.

During distillation, the spirit is taken off the still at 80% abv, a relatively low strength for grain whisky, retaining more flavour.400 Bottles • Natural Colour • Non Chill Filtered.

Appearance: Olive oil gold. A decent beaded swirl mark circles the glass when agitated, along with a pleasing viscous film forming. After a short while the beading morphs into teardrops as well as several medium to thick trails.

Nose: The ABV is judged well, it’s obvious but not intrusive or off-putting. Loads of honey, vanilla, cereals, digestive biscuits, malt and a melon/apricot combo aroma. It makes me think of tinned fruit salad with crumble and custard. There’s also a slightly damp earthy note, like woodland after rainfall. The damp notes turn more like petrichor than the earlier earthy aroma. After a short time the confectionary sweet side to the dram starts to come forward, reinforcing the typically friendly and alluring grain profile.

Palate: A nice semi-viscous mouthfeel with an immediate lemon pepper tingle. The second sip starts to reveal the sweet elements such as that honey, vanilla ice cream and confectionary sugar combination from the nose. Cinnamon, black pepper and grilled pineapple balance the dram nicely. It’s a little dry on the palate but nothing off putting. The pepper notes start to intensify into a mild chilli tingle towards the middle of a 50-60ml dram. It’s a pretty full-on dram, especially for a grain whisky, bold and forthright. Part way through the bottle and the floral element shows up in abundance, as does parma violets.

Finish: Long. The pepper/chilli tingle and lemon pepper linger for a good amount of time, longer than other grain whiskies I’ve tried. The sweet notes take a backseat during the finish but last well too.

Overall: Packed full of flavour (more tropical than floral for me) and a good punch from the ABV. The flavours all have individuality but work well together to create a balanced dram. The final result is a dram that’s more than the sum of its parts, even though those parts are all lovely. For £45 if won’t last long, so get involved ASAP.

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