Loch Lomond (Inchmoan) 10yr old, SMWS 135.22 Beautiful Bizarre, 59.9% ABV, (Blind Tasted).

loch lomond

Distilled 19/8/09,1st fill Ex-Bourbon barrel, 188 bottles.

This bottling was blind tasted during our Whiskey Chaps blind tasting #3 on the 7/1/21 with @RockNRolla60 and @gordonsmith63, Twitter follow buttons are at the bottom of this review.

Extra notes from sampling this whisky again after the blind tasting are added to the end of the notes in brackets.

Appearance – This one is lighter than dram 1, very light gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line straight away, and drops slow thin legs and teardrops hang on the glass.

Nose – Wow, that’s some ABV, must be closer to cask strength, and so far not like any whisky I can remember. Lots of sweetness, lemon cubes, Turkish delight, caster sugar, also a little dusty. I detect some bbq meat notes, and some menthol, there’s lots going on here for me, ( cake pastry, cocktail cherry syrup).

Palate – Hand rolling tobacco, very dark chocolate Orange, chilli’s, ginger, not the sweet stuff though, black liquorice, I like this. There’s also some nuttiness, and candied lemon slices too, (icing sugar, a little drying).

Finish – I’m going long side of medium here, still quite spicy, not too much wood though, mainly dark chocolate, Orange rind, lemons, tobacco leaves, and white pepper, I like this one too Sean.

And the sample was.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered and at natural cask strength.

My thoughts – Another super bottle of whisky, I’m a fan of Loch Lomond whisky to be honest, and this is definitely one i could sit with of an evening and savour, it has some rather dark flavours for an Ex-Bourbon cask, very nice. On initially nosing and tasting i got aromas and flavours in new combinations for me, always an exciting thing to find.

Would i buy a bottle? – Yes without a doubt, this bottle came tied first place for me on the evening, super stuff.

Picture credit – @RockNRolla60

Thanks to – @whiskeychap, @RockNRolla60, @gordonsmith63 and @Crocidolite11

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