Loch Lomond Inchmoan 12yo Smoke & Spice 46% ABV

A smokier representation of Loch Lomond’s signature style. A combination of whisky from unique Straight Neck stills and more traditional Swan Neck Stills and aged in three types of American Oak casks.

Appearance: Fosters lager amber. A thick swirl line containing many large teardrops that soon turn into medium legs. Some beading and the film eventually contorts into a corrugated texture.

Nose: Quite gentle on the ethanol. Sweet BBQ smoke, caramelised meat, vanilla, honey and stewed orchard fruits. A touch of salinity wafts in and out of the nose.

A cereal note and gentle funk are up next on the nose. Some vegetal aromas too, mostly hay.

Palate: Not a particularly viscous mouthfeel. White pepper, cinnamon and the BBQ smoke present first. Custard and jam on burnt toast are up next, along with orange peel, clove and a subtle confectionery sweetness. Underpinning these notes is a butter toffee mellowness.There’s a tannic element, slightly drying and acidic. A well-balanced palate between the sweet smoke and fruity flavours. The tannic notes add another layer as well.

Finish: Medium in length. Berries appear in the finish, as does a sweeter side to the orange, more like sugared-orange segments. The finish is very strong and this dram’s secret weapon, it just leaves you wanting more.

Overall: It’s another amazing value whisky from Loch Lomond. Plenty to explore, well-balanced and very pleasant notes throughout. This is £35!

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