Loch Lomond Peated Single Grain Whisky 46% ABV

Loch Lomond Peated Grain Whisky

Distilled in a continuous still using exclusively malted barley and matured in a combination of first and refill bourbon casks.

Appearance: Quite a vivid yell with a slight green tinge. A semi-viscous film coats the glass and quickly transforms into many medium legs.

Nose: Peaty smoke layer with red berries. It’s quite medicinal too, but that fades quite quickly. There’s also some black pepper and liquorice.

Palate: Quite an oily mouthfeel. Lots of vanilla, orchard fruits (red apples and pears), liquorice, black pepper and some caramel. The smoke is now more of an undercurrent, supporting the other flavour elements. It is (again) well balanced with each flavour complementing the other(s). Sidenote: The ABV presents higher in this, compared to the unpeated. I got that swimming pool air element briefly. It’s good, I’ve got that a few times recently (not been swimming for a few weeks, so not that!).

Finish: That digestive biscuit maltiness and apples. Medium in length.

Overall: Another well-balanced great dram. I think I prefer the unpeated but this one is superb value nonetheless.

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