Loch Lomond single cask 18/550-12, 53.1% ABV.

lochlomond single cask

Peated Tawny Port finish, Distilled March 2006 – Bottled February 2020, 1 of 315 bottles, specially selected by The Whisky Shop.

Appearance – This whisky is mid gold in colour, and syrupy viscous, with thick legs.

Nose – Cherry drop sweets, a little menthol freshness, some dark chocolate, hand rolling tobacco, black coffee, and icing sugar sweetness. A little BBQ sauce and raisins.

Palate – That’s a spicy punch straight away, quite a bit of oak, black pepper, very oily too, orange, cinnamon, salted bacon, ginger, cardamom, dark chocolate, that’s a lovely palate.

Finish – Finish is medium long, quite salty and oily, some nice oak, and cigar leaves, very nice indeed.

My thoughts – I really like this whisky, there’s lots going on, lots of flavour, good depth, and generally a little meatier than the other 2 whiskies we tried during this tasting. Definitely a barbecue with an open fire on a beach territory.

Would i buy a bottle? – Yes i would, a super drop in my humble opinion, easy to just sip or savour and think about.

Thanks to – @maltmusings (Twitter), for our blind samples and accompanying pictures.

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