Loch Lomond Unpeated Single Grain Whisky 46% ABV

Loch Lomond Unpeated Grain Whisky

A single grain whisky distilled in a continuous still and matured in American oak casks.

Appearance: Quite light – white wine or diluted apple juice. A thin film and hairline swirl mark form with many teardrops and a few thin to medium legs.

Nose: Confectionary sweetness with a fresh earthy note, cut grass maybe. There’s a citrus note on this one too, fresh again! There are also some digestive biscuits floating about. I do enjoy grain whisky!
The nose is reminiscent of biscuit base lemon meringue pie, but with apple instead of lemon. That citrus/buttery biscuit/sweet combination.

Palate: A nice mouthfeel, not massively oily but a good viscosity. Black pepper-dusted green apple. barrel char and cinnamon. Some tropical fruit notes now, grilled pineapple on that wooden BBQ grill plank thing you can get. The pineapple, for me, is pretty dominant. Bags of banana and custard, lovely and sweet, but also mellow.
More so than anything I’ve tried before. It’s not overly sweet as the barrel char element balances. I like it!

Finish: The finish for me is that grilled pineapple freshness and a slight maltiness. Not overly long, more a medium length. Cracking dram, I like what I’ve tried tonight so far!!

Overall: Another cracking drop from Loch Lomond. Fresh, zesty and well balanced. These grain whiskies would make the perfect afternoon tipple in the garden while cooking up a BBQ or having friends around.

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