Longrow 11 year old Pinot NOIR Cask 53.1% ABV

A limited edition from Springbank distillery, this Campbeltown single malt is made with peated malt barley and matured for eight years in bourbon barrels, with three years in refill Pinot Noir wine barriques. This release has been bottled at 53.1% abv and just 9,000 bottles are available worldwide.

Appearance: Cider orange, autumnal. Nice and oily, long thick legs ooze down the glass

Nose: Subtle smoke, more the sweet smell of smoke caused by friction, than thick bonfire smoke, shrouded in sweet stewed fruits and blackberry jam. Slight funk, plenty of plum and some floral notes too. Loads going on, but all in perfect harmony and balance.

Palate: Beautiful mouth feel, oily and mouth coating. Immediate warming of the chest and throat, not spicy, but still lovely fruity notes and jam.
I don’t think I can remember a whisky as fruity and vibrant as this, that I’ve tried in quite some time!
The palate works just as pleasingly as the nose, this is superb.

Finish: Still that fruitiness dominates. There’s an ever so light dryness at the back of the tongue, bit overall it’s just a continuation of the sheer jammy loveliness from the nose and palate.

Overall: Wow, just wow! This is a simply sensational whisky. I’ve had this bottle for a couple of years and I’m kicking myself for leaving it for so long before opening!
You can still pick these up at auction for a fairly decent price, I strongly advise doing so.

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