Longrow 18 year old 2021 46% ABV


The strongly peated malt from Springbank. This is their 2021 18-year-old release, which was matured in 30% bourbon, 60% sherry and 10% chardonnay casks.

Appearance: Almost a ‘dirty ‘ gold, there’s a green hue to it. The gold colour is the shade of summer honey. Good thick coating on the glass and swirl mark, with very quick-forming medium/thick legs. Overall it’s quite chaotic in appearance.

Nose: A decent alcohol hum emanates from the glass. Frazzles crisps (smokey bacon and wheat) are the immediate notes, and some vegetal aromas: sun-baked yellow grass and daisy I think too. Sweeter aromas in the form of honey, children’s cereal and malt.

Palate: The ABV is just as obvious on the palate, with a good ‘hit ‘ and warming on the chest. The whisky presents sweetness at first, followed by BBQ sauce and caramelised steak. Within the sweet elements, there are tropical fruits (pineapple and kiwi), along with a cooling mint and a touch of harbour funk. Other notes include vanilla and a slight hint of black pepper.
It’s a lovely balanced palate of some very pleasing flavours.

Finish: The finish is medium to long. The Smokey BBQ notes and tropical twangs last the longest. Black pepper underpins the more dominant elements.

Overall: Really nice dram! Straight forward and delivers what you’d hope for, from Longrow of 18 years in the making.

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