Longrow Handfill bottle 58.3% ABV

longrow 15 chardonnay

Appearance: Fading sunset gold. Warm looking. Thick oily coating and oozy thick legs

Nose: So this one comes in at the highest ABV tonight, and the nose reinforces that. Big ABV followed by lovely sweet dark fruit boiled sweets. Blackcurrant dominates on the fruit front here.
Quite the funk with this one too. A tad cheesy, like blackcurrant cheesecake! Wet leaves aplenty, damp bark too.
Getting ashy BBQ smoke now, the dying embers of a fire with maybe a charred sausage that fell through the grill.

Palate: Ooh, the palate is lovely and oily. The hit of equal parts spice and sweet. Cinnamon dusted fruit pie with custard. Very Christmassy! On the palate, the abv effect travels to the nose, like menthol. There’s blackcurrant Tunes or Soothers, raspberry jam and baking spices.
Now I’m getting a more spicy side. Hot cinnamon and mild chilli.

Finish: The finish is quite buttery, with the blackcurrant, spices and a touch of chilli too. Quite the evolving dram this one. It’s a long spicy finish too.

Overall: This is a fantastic whisky journey in a glass. So much going on and you can double up by adding a drop of water too. Huge fruit, spices and an ever-changing drinking experience. Wonderful.

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