Longrow peated, 46% Abv

Appearance – Dark straw coloured, clings well to the glass, and slowly drops thin legs.

Nose – Icing sugar, Lemonade, Slightly medicinal, Fruity peat, Quite spirity, Nutty, Aniseed, and wood shavings.

Palate – Bonfire Ash, Germoline, Raspberry, Red current, Cherry, Lemon, Sticky plasters, Black pepper, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.

Finish – Medium length, slightly drying, and peppery.

My thoughts – Peated, 46% abv, and at a great price, what’s not to like.

Would i buy a bottle? Yes, it has plenty of flavour, certainly enough to be engaging, and good Abv, is natural coloured and is non chill filtered.

Thanks to – @maltmusings and the Blind Tasting Consortium.

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