Longrow Red 10 Year Old Refill Malbec Cask Matured 52.5%


Matured for 10 years in refill malbec barriques from De Toren Private Cellar in Stellenbosh, South Africa.

Appearance: Getting towards full-blown oak here, still that dirty carrot orange though! A corrugated coating of many many medium, close-packed legs around the glass that never seem to let go! Thick pronounced swirl mark.

Nose: Ah, that’s the stuff right there! Full-on fruit and spice and all things nice! Decent ABV balance too, you know this one is CS, even though it’s only 1% up on the cab, it seems way more. This one is like sticking your face in a fruit pie.
There’s a hint of the peat, but, like most Longrows, I find it hard to pick up the peat in any great quantity. Subtle garden mint after a while, shoe polish, pencil case and a slight ashiness

Palate: Thick and oily on arrival. Spice forward, but brief before the fruits emerge in force! There’s also a sprig of mint and a dusting of icing sugar and black pepper on the berries and custard.
There is a slight sharp tarte quality to the fruits in this one. Get the jowls a touch.

Finish: Black pepper dusted fruits, buttered toast, slight copper tinge and slight drying. Medium in length.

Overall: I’m quite gutted that I’m drawing near to the end of the bottle of this, to be honest, it’s a sensational drop.

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