Lot 40 Rye whisky, 43% ABV.

Lot 40 Rye whisky, 43% ABV.

Appearance – Dark Gold, beads and drops thick legs.

Nose – Spicy, pepper corns, Oak, Cinnamon, nutmeg, stewed Dark fruits, Caramel, Vanilla.

Palate- Loverly mouthfeel, Oily, Seared pineapple, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Fig, Star anise, Nutmeg, Ginger, Burnt sugar, Vanilla, Dates.

Finish – Medium to long, a good dollop off Oak, Pineapple, Apricot, Sugar dusting on a cake, Nutmeg, Black pepper.

My thoughts – That’s a whole lot of flavour for the money, and a super mouth feel also.

Would I buy a bottle? – Definitely, a loverly spicy Rye from Canada .

Thanks to – @bogstandarddram (Twitter.)

Image credit – Master of Malt.

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