Macduff 10yo 56.2% ABV The Thane of Fife (Brave New Spirits).

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, ABV: 56.2%, Casks: First-fill PX Sherry hogshead, RRP: £83.85


This whisky is quite a deep gold in colour, nice thick swirl line, and thick legs.


Brown sugar and caramel here, brownies with dark cherries. Toasted tea cakes, dates, mixed berry strudel. Rum and raisin ice cream, molasses, tobacco leaves, and dandelion and burdock. #CaskNoir

Some cap gun caps creeping in now, and really sweet milky coffee. More brown sugar, and red liquorice. #CaskNoir

brave new spirits


Mouthfeel is very nice, palate is like the nose, darker fruits, brown sugar, brownies, chocolate digestives, the cap gun caps are here too, and the spices build rather nicely, becoming chest warming now. #CaskNoir

Definitely a cherry thing going on, marzipan, figs, cloves, fisherman’s friends throat sweets, aniseed and cough candy. #CaskNoir


Medium in length, again sweet and spicy, lots of stewed dark fruits, cigar leaves, mince pie filling. #CaskNoir

macduff distillery

My thoughts

As someone who loves to learn about and find more under the radar distilleries, Macduff are a perfect fit for me. I have to say that this macduff spirit took really well to the !st fill Ex PX sherry hogshead, it’s packed with the darker fruits and heavier aromas and flavours, it’s quite a spicy boy too, as expected.

It is a very nice bottle of whisky, and there’s plenty here to entertain, it is a good example in my opinion of a 1st fill Ex PX cask whisky, a bottle i know i’d enjoy very much.

This whisky was part of a Tweet tasting with Brave New Spirits, as part of their Cask Noir series. A big thank you goes out to them, and Steve Rush, for the opportunity to be a part of this tasting. A thank you goes out to Steve Rush for the use of his bottle image with info.

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