Mackmyra Bjorksav 46.1% ABV.


Mackmyra Björksav (birch sap) is a Swedish single malt whisky
inspired by the long-awaited return of spring. By including casks that were seasoned with Swedish birch sap wine, we have created a floral whisky with a fresh spiciness and sweet notes of vanilla fudge. Björksav is a collaboration with our friends at Grythyttan wine.

Mackmyra Whisky.


It’s mid gold in colour, very syrupy in the swirl line and has lovely thick legs.


I’m sure I’m getting a dusty cider note here, cream soda, a little menthol, pears, fruit cocktail syrup, sweet icing sugar, it’s a very nice nose. As it sits there is a feint sweet lemon and cherry note, and I know it means Birch sap but it seems so apt.


Juicy fruits like Opal fruits come through on the palate and run riot. Red berries, apricots, peaches, a light pineapple note with guava for me. It has a lovely mouthfeel. Definitely a forest walk in a glass here, really conjures up a picture.


Medium in length, and a mixture of orchard/tropical fruit sweetness, icing sugar and dark chocolate. There is a little drying note, ginger, cocoa, and a trees/timber.

My thoughts

These samples were very kindly gifted to us by the distillery, this wouldn’t effect my notes and thoughts, i say this as in my humble opinion this is a cracking whisky. there are so many aromas and flavours, it is a delight to nose and taste.

Would i buy a bottle?

I certainly would, it ticks all the boxes for me, and i suspect there is more to get from it yet. This seasonal release is “Spring” in a glass, it would have to be tried to understand it.

Note – This whisky is non chill and presented in its natural colour.

Thanks to – @MackmyraUK, @MckWhisky, @WhiskeyShared.

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