Mackmyra Björksav 46.1% ABV


“Mackmyra Björksav (birch sap) is a Swedish single malt whisky inspired by the long-awaited return of spring.
By including casks that were seasoned with Swedish birch sap wine, we have created a floral whisky with a fresh spiciness and sweet notes of vanilla fudge. Björksav is a collaboration with our friends at Grythyttan wine.
In this year’s spring edition, Mackmyra has once again collaborated with the Swedish artisan winery Grythyttan Vin. Grythyttan Björk is made from local birch sap that is tapped just before the birch ‘cracks’ in the spring. Like Mackmyra, Grythyttan use exceptional crafting skills, show consideration and respect for nature and only use natural ingredients.”


Appearance: Honey/Cornish cider. Nice and viscous, forms a good coating and thin legs

Nose: A decent amount of ethanol, noses above 46% for me (not a bad thing). Sugary-sweet and floral. Plenty of honey and vanilla, some barley and tropical fruit.
It does have a very springlike aroma. Bright and full of springlike flora. Cucumber water (thanks @whiskyshared).
There’s a funk after a while too, always a welcome addition and usually one late to the party!
This is one that you could nose for a while, it keeps evolving. I’m now getting berries, a touch os strawberry sweetness.

Credit: Mackmyra

Palate: Dessert wine, lemon, sugar and butter are the first to show up. Lovely start I have to say! There’s a new-makey berriness to the palate. Very fresh and fruity. I’m picking up more oaky notes than spices I think (although there are some Xmas spices there now). Some furniture polish and a touch of dryness

Finish: There’s quite a bit going on with this, I could sit for some time and continue to take notes. The finish is predominantly sweet, with a touch of spice and oak. It’s also remaining quite buttery for me, a layer of mellow creaminess

Overall: A very nice whisky. I still can’t place a familiar flavour I’m getting, but I have noticed a heat build-up at the back of the throat, so I’m going to add a slight chilli note to the list of flavours!
I’d definitely add this to my list of purchases. I also appreciate the use of unusual finishing!

A huge ‘thank you’ to Richard McKeand, Mackmyra Brand Ambassador and also @WhiskyShared for joining us for the tasting. As always a great evening!

Featured image and video credit: Mackmyra.

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