Mackmyra Destination 48% ABV.

mackmyra destination

Mackmyra Destination is a non-peated whisky that to a large extent has been aged in casks that previously held port wine. This whisky is an invitation to whisky lovers all around the world to come and visit us at one of our many destinations.

Mackmyra whisky


Quite a deep gold with an orange hue, the thick swirl line beads up quite quickly and drops very viscous thick legs.


At 48% ABV it comes across higher on the nose. Initially I’m thinking yoghurt coated strawberry breakfast biscuits, and/or strawberry pop tarts that go in the toaster. Cherryade next, with icing sugar and wood wax. I also get a faint menthol/eucalyptus freshness.

More time and linseed oil starts to come through, and a real fruit medley, a bag of starburst sweets, and a slightly foresty aroma.

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The mouthfeel is quite nice, not really oily but definitely not watery, and there’s a real fruit/spicy combo going on. Pomegranate, and blood oranges mix with cinnamon, black and red liquourice, cough candy sweets and sweetened mocha coffee.

Letting it sit longer and there is a lovely roundedness with darker fruits coming through. I’d say sherry cask type fruity notes. It’s leaning towards mince pie filling, Black Forest gateau, and an almond nuttiness. The spices do last well too, they continue all the way through.


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Length is quite long, and the spices do continue, cigar leaves, Eccles cakes, dandelion  and burdock and flat cola. It definitely pushes towards rum and raisin right at the very end.

My thoughts

This will be the 18th whisky iv’e tasted from Mackmyra, and it’s another winner in my opinion. Fruity whiskies are my chosen type, the more fruit the merrier. This bottle is a super fruity/spicy mix, and they go together so well. Both the aromas and flavours impress and don’t need to be searched for.

Angela D’Orazio, master blender at Mackmyra whisky, constantly impresses with her creations, i’m at 18 whiskies from the distillery now, and i’m still thoroughly enjoying their bottles. This is another from them that i’d very happily have in my whisky cupboard, and i genuinely look forward to what they will release next.

For transparency – This sample was kindly sent to me by Mackmyra Whisky, this will not affect my review in any way.

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