Mackmyra Grönt Te 46.1% ABV (Revisited)

mackmyra grot te

I’ve revisited my bottle of Grönt Te. My previous notes can be found here. I was quite surprised at the difference (I wrote these without reminding myself of the previous ones).

“A blend of oloroso wine and the finest vintage Japanese green tea leaves have seasoned the casks, providing a subtly spicy and flavourful whisky with a fruity and floral finish.”- Mackmyra

Appearance: Summer honey, early sunset golden glow. Lovely and viscous, lots of legs that cling well to the glass.

Nose: Initially very bourbon-like. Nice balance of honey, warming spices (such as clove and cinnamon) and also quite malty.There’s also freshly cut grass (always a positive in winter) and a feint tease of confectionary sugar. After some time in the glass, a citrus note, maybe orange, makes itself known. While sipping and inhaling, at the same time, there’s oak and leather.It’s a very pleasant nose indeed.

Palate: Not a huge amount of oiliness, not watery either though, more a subtle chocolate kind of thing going on. The vegetal aromas transfer to the palate nicely, well balanced with the sugary sweetness, that tingles on the side of the tongue. A touch of black pepper and clove, but sweet-forward for sure.A general friendliness that would lend this whisky well to an intro into Swedish (or any) whisky.

Finish: Lovely and warming. Medium to long (which is odd, as most whiskies don’t linger on my palate for very long). You’re left wanting more, as the final notes are those sweet elements of honey and confectionary sugar.

Overall: I’m a big fan of Mackmyra. Both their whisky and their brand. I love what they do and their engagement with their customers on social. This whisky is a testament to their expertise and dedication to producing great liquid. It’s got a lovely balance, especially for such a lot going on. It is really good!

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