Mackmyra Grönt Te, 46.1% ABV.

mackmyra grönt te

Appearance – Wet straw in colour, with thin legs that look like ripples.

Nose – Noses much higher than the actual ABV, and the first aroma for me is menthol, didn’t expect that at all, through it’s loverly and refreshing. Vanilla pods, furniture polish, very faint lemon.

Palate – Oooh, that menthol has become sweet lemon on the palate, a little drying, I’d like to say a little cocoa bitterness, malty, pineapple cubes, it’s loverly, and not what I had expected tbh, perhaps the bitterness is the green tea.

Finish – Medium to long, loverly and warming, especially the roof of my mouth, not really had that before tbh, the bitterness is there again, balanced by sweetness, white pepper spices, wood tannins, and lemonade ice lollies.

My thoughts – This is a loverly light whisky, that’s very well balanced, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Would I buy a bottle? – Definitely, I’ve not tasted another whisky like it, very innovative, and crafted so well.

Thanks to – @MckWhisky & @MackmyraUK (Both Twitter).

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