Mackmyra Gruvguld 46.1% ABV.

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Mackmyra Gruvguld (Gold from the mine) has been aged in small casks of 30, 100 and 128 litres, in the mine of Bodås, 50 metres below ground. This whisky is a tribute to our famous 30-litre casks that have been with us since the start, and more than half of the finished result was aged in these casks made up of different oak types and finishes.

The new make that was aged, is mainly made from our elegant recipe, with an exception of a few smoky or peated recipe filled casks that gives Gruvguld a hint of spiciness.

Included in the wide variety of casks used, there are also some that previously stored Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry to add a gentle fruitiness. The casks included in Gruvguld have been stored between five and sixteen years.

Mackmyra Whisky


Mid gold in colour, with a very thick swirl line. Syrupy thick legs slowly drop down and break up.


Juicy apricots, nectarines and mango slices initially bring a sweet and fresh fruit cocktail aroma. Blood Orange marmalade swings it towards a slight bitterness before a piercing note of icing sugar starts to swing it back towards sweetness again.

As the nose starts to develop i find myself in an allotment full of growing plants, that green vegetal smell. This eventually gives way to linseed oil being applied to a cricket bat with a cloth. Nuttiness hangs in the air, and then a faint note of vanilla scented candles appears.

With more time cream soda comes forward, then onto a forest walk with various trees and damp leaf litter. Raspberries and syrup from a fruit cocktail can bring the nose to a close.


We start with a nice mouthfeel, it’s quite thick to be honest. Cigar leaves bring a touch of aromatic bitterness, cherryade sweetness tries to balance it out but looses out.

Ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom and star anise really bring in some spices. Smokey coffee and black pepper add more of a bitter spiciness, at this point it’s become more those 5 spices range of flavours. Wood wax forces it’s way through and tropical fruits see the palate close.


Long and lingering, it lasts for a while before the flavours slowly dissipate. Coffee beans bring some bitterness, there are cranberries that are slightly drying too.

The sandwich looking sweets in a bag of liquorice Allsorts are quite prevalent also, that sweet/bitter/sweet effect is here, and right to the end the sweetness persists.

The very last flourish before the finish ends is a light salinity on the lips and towards the tip of the tongue. it’s not a flavour i come across too often, but i enjoy it when i do.

My thoughts

This is the 15th Mackmyra whisky i have tasted, the previous 14 have all been very good, i really have enjoyed them all. So approaching the Gruvguld i wondered if this would be the first from them i’d find not to my liking. It’s now 15 Mackmyra whiskies iv’e enjoyed, this is easily as good as the others imho.

The constant flow between sweetness spiciness and bitterness kept me guessing, and the development of the nose and palate for me is lovely. Overall it’s a very enjoyable dram, another great dram crafted by Angela D’Orazio.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes i would, i really enjoyed it to be honest. It’s another distinctive whisky from Mackmyra, and it’s now 15 thumbs up for them from me.

Thanks to New Dram Drinker for sending this out, it was part of their CO’s Metal/Rock evening.

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