Mackmyra Karibien 44.4% ABV.

mackmyra karibian

Moment Karibien has now arrived, the much-anticipated sequel to Mackmyra Vinterdröm. Moment Karibien is an elegant single-malt whisky, partly matured in casks that have previously held Plantation Barbados & Jamaica rum but also been flavoured with whisky from ex-Oloroso and ex-cherry casks. Around 75% of the whisky has been finished in rum casks. The result is a spicy, fruity whisky with warm notes of rum and vanilla oak. The whisky from the various casks that make up Moment Karibien are at least 8 years old and at most 12. Matured 50 metres underground in Bodås Mine. The whisky has been manufactured in a limited edition of only 4,137 bottles.

Mackmyra Whisky


Mid gold in colour, it has a nice thick swirl line and medium thick legs.


Initially there’s lots of sweetness, seared pineapple slices, apricots, and a hint of red berries and icing sugar. Waiting in the wings were darker heavier aromas, that come forward with time. There’s a mustiness and wood oils, dates, figs, a slightly sweetened black syrup note, brown sugar, and cream soda.


There’s spice here, it’s not hot as such, more like warming spices. The rum influence is nice and strong, bringing brown sugar, dates and ginger. The ex Oloroso brings liquorice, cloves, and anise. I’m presuming the ex cherry wood contributes to the whole palate flavour, perhaps enhancing the Ex rum and Ex Oloroso casks.


F – Quite long, the warming spices continue, joined by oak, coffee with a dash of milk, icing sugar peeps it’s head around the corner, and overall the finish becomes quite mellow.

My thoughts

Iv’e really enjoyed this whisky to be honest, 3/4 of it is from Ex Rum casks and that shows through nicely. The spices from the rum cask have married nicely with the Oloroso spices. Overall the blend of 3 casks has been done very well, they have enhanced each other to create a what i think is a lovely whisky.

Would i buy a bottle?

No surprise then when i say yes. It’s a very enjoyable and capable dram. It brings what you expect from reading the label, it impresses me when the whisky matches it’s description, and it gives me more respect for the distillery.

Thanks to – @newdramdrinker (Twitter).

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