Mackmyra Limousin Swedish Single Malt Whisky 46.1% ABV

Mackmyra limousin

Limousin is a Swedish single malt whisky matured in Cognac casks from renowned Cognac House Ferrand as well as older Oloroso casks and casks saturated with berry wine (Swedish cherry wine and forest raspberry wine).

Appearance: Honey gold, setting sun. Lots of medium/thick legs with some teardrops.

Nose: A lovely ABV wave, quite heady for 46%. Barrel char, vanilla, toffee apple and green apple skin. Baking spices add a warmth too.

There’s an underlying confectionary sweetness subtly balancing against the spices. As the glassayures a cherry menthol note presents itself. It’s a good nose and a good start.

Palate: Nice mouthfeel, not hugely buttery but a decent viscosity. Not unusually, the palate is spicier than the nose suggested.

A real chest warmer with slight numbing and dryness at the back of the tongue. Although this is definitely spice-forward, there’s a toffee mint sweetness flowing throught it too, as well as slight lemon zest and tobacco leaf.

A touch of berry jamminess runs through this like a ripple in ice cream, a thread. Red berries specifically.

Leather and a tannin bitterness on the side of the tongue show last.

Finish: Medium to long. The tannins linger into the finish, along with the spices and those bourbon-like elements of caramel, wood notes and vanilla.

The final sign-off for this whisky is the warming in the chest and the mint.

Overall: It’s a bolder, more in your face expression from Mackmyra than previous releases in terms of flavour. It drinks higher than 46.1% in my opinion and I commend them for that, it’s a real winter warmer.

N.b. This sample was kindly sent to me from Mackmyra but in no way influenced my opinions or tasting notes.

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