Mackmyra Moment Körsbärsrök 43% ABV

Mackmyra Moment Korsbarsrok

“Moment Körsbärsrök (Cherry Smoke) is a smoky whisky with a peaty spiciness and sweet notes of cherry. The recipe of the whisky is created from a combination of Mackmyra’s smoky and unsmoked new make, both distilled at our original Mackmyra Bruk distillery in 2010. The smoky new make was aged in ex-Bourbon casks in the sizes 100 to 200 litres. The complementary unsmoked spirit was aged in ex-Bourbon and American oak casks seasoned with German cherry wine. The medium-sweet cherry wine is perfect for cask seasoning and gives the whisky fruity, intense notes of cherry. This whisky has been produced in a Limited Edition of 1500 bottles.” – Mackmyra Whisky

Appearance: Light in colour, a shade more auburn than white wine. Coats the glass really well, good legs and almost sticky in its appearance.

Nose: Sweetness and new make berries lead, with oaky undertones. There’s confectionary sugar mixed in too. Vanilla, maybe custard and a hint of warming spices.

After the glass has rested for a while more, the sweet shop sugars come through and dominate. There’s also lovely malty digestive biscuits aroma. A slight blue cheese funk has appeared, not a bad thing, just a thing.

Palate: Slightly oily. Spicey ‘hit’, then settles to the sweetness and oak. A little drying. There’s bitter lemon under the spices, which now include chilli and black pepper. A nice buttery, mellow flavour coats the back of the tongue.

Finish: Buttery, spices and chili. There’s a hint of the cherries, but they’re subtle.

Overall: It’s an interesting whisky this. Sweet, oaky and new makey on the nose, then spice and chilli on the palate. It’s a bit of a journey, but a pleasant one. A good winter sipper as it definitely warms!

Transparency: I was sent a sample of Moment Körsbärsrök, but this in no way affected my notes.

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