Mackmyra Moments Körsbärsrök, 43% ABV.

Mackmyra Moment Korsbarsrok

Moment Körsbärsrök (Cherry Smoke) is a smoky whisky with a peaty spiciness and sweet notes of cherry. The recipe of the whisky is created from a combination of Mackmyra’s smoky and unsmoked new make, both distilled at our original Mackmyra Bruk distillery in 2010. The smoky new make was aged in ex-Bourbon casks in the sizes 100 to 200 litres. The complementary unsmoked spirit was aged in ex-Bourbon and American oak casks seasoned with German cherry wine. The medium-sweet cherry wine is perfect for cask seasoning and gives the whisky fruity, intense notes of cherry. This whisky has been produced in a Limited Edition of 1500 bottles.

Mackmyra Whisky

Appearance – This whisky is between light and medium gold in colour, it’s very viscous and has slow thick legs.

Nose – It noses a little higher than 43% ABV, there’s a little fizz from it too, and we’re into smoke, I definitely get the cherries, in syrup, I also get a touch of menthol, a Mackmyra trait. There’s also stoned fruits, nectarines and peaches with mango and seared pineapple. Leaving it for a bit brings out linseed oil, dunnage, an earthiness, I’m going to say pine needles too, does conjure up a walk through a pine forest.

Palate – The palate is an instant mix of fruit cocktail syrup, cocktail cherries, tobacco leaves, bonfire ash, and cardamom, there’s a lovely icing sugar sweetness that accompanies them, and I’d definitely say some foam banana kids sweets. There’s a mild spiciness to be found with white pepper and light ginger, that’s followed by an oiliness on the lips.

Finish – The finish is quite long, it gets spicier too, with white pepper, chillis, cinnamon, light wood notes and lemon oil appears before it finally fades.

My thoughts – At this point I’ve tried 6-7 Mackmyra whiskies and enjoyed them all, and this bottling carries on this trend for me, I’ve find quite a lot going on in it, plenty to keep me occupied, it’s another lovely drop from them in my humble opinion.

Would I buy a bottle? – I certainly would.

For transparency – This sample was kindly sent to me by Mackmyra Whisky, this has no impact on my tasting notes.

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