Mackmyra Stjärnrök 46.1% ABV

Mackmyra Stjärnrök

Matured in Spanish oloroso, ex-bourbon and American oak casks. Then combined with the native cloudberry of the surrounding ancient woodlands.

Appearance: Sunset gold, dark apple juice. A decent film forms on the glass with quick forming thin to medium legs.

Nose: Plenty of icing sugar dusted berry sweetness, lots of floral qualities too. Reminiscent of strawberry tart, with fresh pastry and cream.
Some red apple orchard and creme brulee aromas too. Very nice indeed.
After a time some more vegetal notes appear. Cut grass and hay bails, with the slightest hint of smoke.
I always enjoy nosing Mackmyra, never disappoints and always original and unique elements.
This one is particularly summery.

Palate: A unique palate, concentrated fruit syrup, blackcurrant cordial, black pepper and mint.
There is an astringent, bitter side to the palate that I’m not fond of. It’s also a bit too obvious to forgive.

Finish: The finish is disappointing. The blackcurrant soon fades, leaving the astringency and bitter peppered citrus flavour. It’s also a bit metallic, like a coin.

Overall: Lovely nose and I like the blackcurrant element. My problem is the dominance of the other flavours, once you get past the nose.
My least favourite Mackmyra to date I’m afraid.

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