Mackmyra Stjarnrok (Starsmoke) 46.1% ABV.

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Juniper twigs are added to the peat, which comes from Karinmossen 40 km south of Mackmyra, to create a complex and uniquely Swedish flavour to smoke their Swedish grown barley. Once distilled the liquid is then mainly aged in American Oak, Swedish Oak and Ex-Bourbon barrels, and finished in Spanish Oloroso and cloudberry wine casks, to impart sweetness, as well as being mixed with some non-peated whisky to round off the flavours.

The whiskies used are between six and fourteen years, and have been picked by Mackmyra Chief Nose Officer Angela D’Orazio to create the balance of this sweet and smokey expression.

Mackmyra Whisky

This Sample is my first from Whisky Pioneer, and is their September 2021 release, find Whisky Pioneer here.

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It’s a bronze colour, iv’e not had that before, but not really surprising from Mackmyra, they are innovative to say the least with their ideas. A nice thick swirl line beads up straight away to drop super syrupy thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps


I have to say that the first time i poured this dram and smelt it straight away i got lots of peanut brittle, on doing this a second time i’m getting more golden syrup and pineapple, with peanut brittle.

Peat smoke, and a very wet foresty walk with conifer/juniper aromas, that unusual peat smoke that Mackmyra produce is wafting through the forest. Green grapes, and greengages bring a lovely sweetness, wood treatments also come through, with a light bacon note, it’s very well balanced at this point to be honest. #thewhiskeychaps

I have to say it’s a lovely nose, and that sweet/smoke is just gorgeous. I’d say raspberries now, definitely red berries, and the juniper/peat is getting stronger too. Time to taste #thewhiskeychaps


Nice mouthfeel, coats really nicely, the ABV is also good, it’s bringing spices, sweetness, and a healthy dose of smoke. The red berries come through here from the nose, then I’d say ginger, perhaps stoned fruits too, with sweet and bitter lemon. #thewhiskeychaps

There is some drying, it’s very light but there, quite a bit of wood too now with time, nothing heavy. The smoke is is always drifting through this, but like the nose the sweetness constantly tries to push through.I’d say a little grapefruit/pomello.#thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium, a real play between sweetness, wood and spices, and here the spices start to win. Black coffee, dark chocolate on strawberries, linseed oil, ginger nut biscuits, hot vanilla and cinnamon, cigar leaves, and icing sugar #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

This is very @mackmyra, not a suprise, but it’s been done very well as usual by them. There is definitely a familiarity here for me, the Cloudberry wine must be the common sweetness I’ve had with Mackmyra before.

I have to say i really like this, it’s my 15th from them now, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Mackmyra fans will enjoy this I’m sure. #thewhiskeychaps

This bottling is available for pre-order from Mackmyra’s website for £62 here, and it’s one i’d happily have in my whisky cupboard.

Please do give Mackmyra whisky and Pioneer Whisky subscription Twitter pages a follow below.

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