Mackmyra Svensk Ek, 46.1% ABV.

mackmyra svensk ek

Appearance – Dark Amber in colour, quite viscous on the glass, very very slow running legs.

Nose – Cream soda sweetness comes first, fruit cocktail syrup with pineapple cubes and apricots, a sweet bubble gum note persists throughout, and oak finishes off.

Palate – Yep white pepper spice, lemonade sweetness, it has a loverly mouthfeel, pineapple cubes like the nose, there’s a slight raisin note, some vanilla and Candied orange rind.

Finish – It’s very slightly drying, medium to long in length, there’s black pepper and chilli spice and gentle wood tannins, rather well married imho.

My thoughts – Another super offering from Mackmyra, easy to drink but has plenty going on, and very married all round.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes for another Mackmyra bottling, I love it’s profile, very warming and inviting too.

Thanks to – @MckWhisky (Twitter).

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