Mackmyra Svensk Rök, Amerikansk Ek , 46.1% ABV

amerikansk ek

In this second and limited edition of Svensk Rök, we have aged our smoky recipe exclusively in virgin American oak. 

Mackmyra whisky

This was tasted with other CO’s in a Mackmyra zoom tasting, you can become a CO by following @newdramdrinker (twitter follow button at the bottom of the review) and contacting them for details.


We have a mid Amber colour here, it beads up slightly on, and has a nice thick, swirl line, with medium thick legs that mix and become thick syrupy teardrops hanging just above the settled whisky.


First off, the ABV comes across higher than it is, it’s a little fizzy up the nose. Initially I get some menthol, something I get regularly with Mackmyra whiskies, minted peas, some earthiness, dunnage, and roasted peanuts in their shells before they’re broken open, a new aroma for me, and one i like. There’s also a meaty note here, I get it with some Speyside whiskies too, and the bobbly sweets you get in Liquorice Allsorts packets.


Slightly Smokey with bbq meats. cigar leaves, dunnage an earthiness and coffee beans, the roasted peanut shells are still here too, I’m really liking them. There is a gently spiciness coming along too, it’s not a slap around the face, it arrives gently. Now on the zoom tasting where I first tasted this whisky, someone said peanut brittle, and I didn’t get that sweetness at the time, but I have now, it’s a quick flash of sweetness right before the finish starts, lovely stuff.


It’s medium/long and warms my mouth up very nicely, the spices persist, and we’re talking ginger, cinnamon, and I’m going to say white pepper as it doesn’t have the bite of black pepper. There’s oak, as expected, coffee with just a splash of milk in it, and the peanut shells again. And right at the end a salted caramel flourish.

My thoughts

I have tried the Mackmyra Svensk Rok, it is a great whisky in my opinion, it’s different from other smokey whiskies. Maturing it solely in Virgin American Oak casks has produced another cracking whisky, and the differences are easily discernible, the roasted peanut shell and peanut brittle aromas and flavours are fantastic.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes without a doubt for me. It’s the same great quality iv’e come to expect from Mackmyra, with new exciting aromas and flavours, a definite win win for me.

Thanks to – @newdramdrinker and @MckWhisky (bothTwitter).

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