Mackmyra Vintersol 46.1% ABV


A seasonal release from the Swedish Mackmyra folks, Vintersol translates to ‘Winter Sun’, and was created in collaboration with the Port wine producer Quinta Do Vallado. The idea is to combine the sun-soaked grapes with the rather wintery Swedish single malt. So, they finished Vintersol in casks which previously held Port from Quinta Do Vallado.

Appearance: Honey gold. A thin swirl mark that soon beads and then morphs into teardrops. Many thick trails form amongst the viscous film.

Nose: A nice level of ABV, evident without being overpowering. Blackberry jam, honey, vanilla ice cream and black pepper.
Some menthol and tropical fruit juice notes come through quickly too: pineapple, melon, tangerine and grapefruit. There’s also an underlying confectionary sweetness adding another layer.

Palate: The mouthfeel is pleasing and semi-viscous.
Quite an earthy, almost ashy first sip. Some sweetness in the form of that blackcurrant note too.
Some red liquorice, plasticine and window putty now. A little drying as a few more sips are taken.
Lemon thyme and a faint vegetal element.

Finish: The plasticine, vegetal note and blackcurrant remain for a medium length of time.

Overall: Not really my bag. I’m not keen on that plasticine element and it’s a bit too cloying.

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