Matt.D’arcy Old Newry Irish Whisky 40% ABV

matt d'arcy irish whiskey

These are my blind tasting notes for this whiskey, though i did know it was an Irish whiskey.

matt d'arcy old newry

The nose on the Old Newry Irish Whiskey introduces Wood, Char and Vanilla from Ex-Bourbon Barrels, before opening-up to an almost floral sweetness. There are heather, honey and a delicate sweetness which will bring back memories of walking in the Mourne Mountains on an early Spring evening.

The flavour pays homage to the legacy of Matt D’Arcy and the long history of bonding and blending Irish Whiskey in the town of Newry. By skilfully bringing together the components of this whiskey you are invited to enjoy the layers of flavour which give a sweet, easily approachable drink. This may be enjoyed at any occasion and would not be out of place in a traditional Irish Pub or the most sophisticated Drawing Room. The vanilla sweetness gives way to a more rounded chocolate/ coffee note, which in turn is tempered by a spicy rye finish.

The pedigree of the components used to contribute to the long finish. Flavours stay on the palate much longer than a standard Blend.

Matt D’arcy whiskey


Damp straw in colour, quite a thick swirl line, with syrupy thick legs.


For an Irish whiskey this is a little different. Grains and cereals open the nose, a nuttiness joins them quite quickly. Faint floral perfume and wood shavings. Sweetness hangs around, which i hope comes through more.

With more time in the glass vanilla custard arrives, stoned fruits, apricots and nectarines finally bring the sweetness that’s been loitering since the start, and red berries also join in the fruit medley.

Overall it’s quite light on the nose, it’s rather pleasant in all honesty.


Flavour wise the palate opens with light spices, white pepper, ginger nut biscuits, seared pineapple slices, lemon jelly sweets, and green grapes, i do like what i’m finding here to be honest.

More time in the glass bring cranberries, cinnamon, milky coffee, flapjack, and almost a faint whiff of smoke in there too.


Medium in length, and again there is sweetness here, but it’s more spicy, more warming I’d say rather than a spice monster. The flavours on the finish are similar to the palate flavours, with some cask char, chocolate, and something like dates also. Eventually it also started to thicken up for me, takes a while though.

My thoughts

Coming to this as a blind sample but knowing it was an Irish whiskey, i expected certain aromas and flavours, this time a found more than i expected. The transition from sweet to spicy and then onto something darker and a little bitter was very nice, a nice development in all honesty.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes i would. This isn’t going to be a revelation, especially to folk who’ve been around a few whiskies already, but it certainly has it’s place. I could easily enjoy this when i fancy a whiskey but don’t want to sit analysing it.

Iv’e seen this bottling up for a snippet under £30 and i’d say that’s a fair price in the current whiskey landscape, i did enjoy it.

Thanks to Paul/@ _PMcDermott for the blind sample.

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