Mc Connells 5yr old Blended Irish Whisky, 42% ABV (Blind tasted).

mc connells 5yr old

Aged in first fill American oak casks.

McConnell’s is one of the oldest Irish Whisky brands on record – and also one of the most celebrated. Now, after 90 long years, this legendary whisky has been restored to barrooms and saloons from Belfast to Boston. Aged 5 years, McConnell’s fine blend of Irish malt and grain whiskies is gently rested in select bourbon casks, bringing beautiful overtones of vanilla sweetness – with the quality of the finest Irish spirit in the background.

Mc Connells Whisky


This Whisky is light gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, which slowly turn into thick syrupy legs.


Fizz up the nose kicks this off. Aroma wise cereals and grains arrive first, think biscuit base. Slowly cream soda, vanilla, canned pears, and green apples come to the fore. This develops into old style window putty, furniture polish and wood shavings from a carpenters workshop. If left long enough a perfume scent can be found, quite floral.


Initially it’s very gentle, then just when your not expecting it ABV arrives, and it feels higher than the 42% ABV stated. Grain notes come first, cheesecake base and flapjack and toasted currant tea cakes too. Toffee and feint darker fruit notes develop, figs and dates, then lemon jellied sweets followed by Dandelion and Burdock. With time in the glass it develops further, black coffee and quite a lot of wood bring some spiciness.


The finish is long side of medium and lingering and the spiciness starts to intensify. Ginger, liquorice, hot cinnamon sweets, black peppercorns, coffee grinds, and chilli’s are so warming. Right at the end there’s a pinch of salt mixed with icing sugar, still lingering.

My thoughts

I blind tasted this whisky, i did know it was from Ireland, but that was all. Initially i thought it was a very light Irish whisky, as it developed it changed quite a bit. Though it was matured in Ex-bourbon casks, it offers some darker fruits and spiciness along with vanilla and toffee that i didn’t expect, but were very welcome.

Would i buy a bottle?

For my taste in whisky? yes, and to be honest i think it’s rather good for £33-38 too. I can’t say it’s a complicated whisky, but it’s certainly a good sipper that holds it’s own, i suspect it would be a great ingredient for a cocktail too.

Thanks to – @_PMcDermott (Twitter), for the whisky and associated image.

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