Michter’s US*1 Bourbon Whiskey 45.7% ABV.

This was the February 2023 release from the Whisky Pioneer whisky sample subscription service. Their website can be found here.

This American whiskey from Michter’s Distiller in Louisville, Kentucky, is matured in barrels which had previously held bourbon. As such, this expression cannot be called bourbon, as bourbon needs to be matured in new American oak barrels – hence why it’s called whiskey instead. Slightly confusing legal nomenclature aside, it’s bloomin’ marvellous!

Master of Malt


Mid gold with an orange hue colour wise. The quite thick swirl line drops several slow thick legs.


First thing I’m getting is hot mashed potatoes, I get that a lot with Bourbons. Menthol is showing itself, leading into mint, honey and cinnamon. At this point the ABV isn’t really showing itself. 

More time and blackcurrants, well toasted bread, black pepper, and cherry cola really push through. Furniture polish, floral aromas and faint dill pickles see off the bulk of the palate for me.


The mouthfeel is mid viscosity in my opinion, and yes it’s nice and spicy. The well toasted bread comes across well here too. Black liquorice and something close to molasses also, which mixes nicely with black pepper.

On second sip the spices are slightly diminished, but still there. I’m going to say pineapple at this point, a sweet fruit flavour shoots through. The palate is nice and warm, and vanilla custard arrives next. Late on a vegetal note comes in, and faint dunnage, with tobacco leaves.


The finish is short to medium in length in general. A late flurry of spices really warms the palate. Prunes, more black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla pods, and sweetened black coffee close this Bourbon.

whisky pioneer

My thoughts

Michter’s, a brand of whiskey/bourbon/rye whiskey that iv’e really enjoyed so far. I can’t say iv’e found one that i didn’t enjoy to be honest. This one is also a very nice whiskey, though i will say it’s a little slow coming forward initially. It does eventually arrive and the palate is very enjoyable. I found the mouthfeel to be ok, but i’d have liked the finish to be a little longer. I’m splitting hairs at this point, but it was noticed.

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